About B.Jain

B.Jain was established by Late Dr. PN Jain in the year 1966.The mission of B.Jain Exports  has been to provide the community with teaching and products to support spiritual practice and inspire everyday life.Meditation has now became a household word and B.Jain Exports has grown from a tiny mind seed into a thriving buisness. But the original vision of us has remained the same.We still maintain the philosophy that it is important to assist the people in our community . Throughout the years, we have donated our time  and products to a number of different chatrities.  A percentage of all online sales is donated to a different organisation each quarter. Thank you for the difference you will make when you choose a new B.Jain  Exports product. We are dedicated to serve as a vehicle for the transmission of the Yoga & Meditation by offering the very best materials related to these practices.We stands for values that all our products have in common : beauty and high-quality workmanship. It should give pleasure to view, grab and use our products. At the same time, from the beginning to the end of the production chain,as well as in all work processes, we look for a resource- saving approach to people and the environment.We delight in serving you in the best way we can.We take pride and pleasure in offering our full attention to your requirements.


 From all of us at B.Jain - Thank you!

Nitin Jain